I have spent quite some time wondering what its like for everyone else to experience or do something or be some place for the first time. A new job, new neighborhood,new sport, new marriage,the birth of a child, the loss of  a loved one, first flight, first kiss, first everything. The fear of uncertainty, our haunting conscience,the little voices in our heads saying all sorts of things, how does one deal with these, how come no one ever talks about them? Not many people share their experiences and yet i think it would be awesome to get a feel, even the slightest possible relation to what its like to experience something or someone for the first time. What if we shared, spoke out loud, told our stories,couldn’t we help someone in one way or other? Its a given experiences vary, but there has got to be some thing,one thing that other people can relate with if we all shared our experiences.

some people argue that their privacy is important to them and exposing their experiences good or bad whether through social media or other channels violates their privacy, but where do we draw the line between what is private and what is not? where do we control being paralyzed by the what if in our heads? what if the world could be transparent and free, what if we all had nothing to hide, what if there were no excuses,no secrets, no fear, no shame , what if we all just shared our stories?

what if

I recently watched the Ted Talk with Glen Greenwald where he stated ;

“Now, there’s a reason why privacy is so craved universally and instinctively. It isn’t just a reflexive movement like breathing air or drinking water. The reason is that when we’re in a state where we can be monitored, where we can be watched, our behavior changes dramatically … Human shame is a very powerful motivator,as is the desire to avoid it, and that’s the reason why people, when they’re in a state of being watched, make decisions not that are the byproduct of their own agency but that are about the expectations that others have of them or the mandates of societal orthodoxy.”

so this got me thinking, are we living how we want to live or is it how society/ other people expect us to live? Are we paralyzed by the fear of stepping out or are we bound by the people we give control over our lives? what if we chose to be different, to break the norm and just be ourselves, what if we became unapologetic? what if we broke loose and created our own rules to govern our lives? what if we shared our stories in whatever form we deem fit ? what if,,,,what if….. so many what if’s . How do we inspire and mentor people if our stories are not told, read or even shared? how do we change the world by sitting on our experiences? How do we prevent history from repeating itself? how do people look at our lives and say ‘because of you i did not give up’ ? Could we dare ourselves to break from the york of bondage created by the fear of what if and look at the positive what if? how do we write our stories if we are constantly living in fear of being judged, rebuked, ridiculed, failing? how will we ever know if we never try new things?

I asked myself before creating this blog, whats the point, what if i can’t write, what if people do not read, soooooooo many what if’s and yes am nervous even as i write this, i get nervous trying out new things yet i love  trying out new things but here we are, and i shall continue to share whatever experiences i encounter peradventure people get inspired and their lives are changed through my journey. someone told me today that,” the suffering that might come from a mistake is usually less intense and less enduring than the suffering of asking ‘what if? ” So my dear friend take a risk,be spontaneous,have a fun filled life but also be an epistle read and known by all men, share your experiences.

what    if

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  1. Wow the phrase -WHAT IF caught my attention because I have also experienced it. Sometimes because we are so cautious,perfectionists or don’t want to risk. Our comfort zones, don’t want change, bad memories among others. This has made me miss out on what God has purposed for me.
    There are so many reasons for WHAT IF.
    Sharing experiences can help us getout of that box WHAT IIF.

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