Sometimes I dance under the shower. To all the dope songs in my mind and all the cool moves I can master. Without a care or worry but mere gratitude for the privileged ability to pour water to the roots of my short hair daily.

Sometimes I cry under the shower . Some days are extremely overwhelming. After I have done all I can to shield my tears from prying eyes in boardrooms, water fails me as it draws out the tears so easy as I turn the shower knob everytime. Water makes me vulnerable, it calls to me, it breaks me, it heals me. …….

Sometimes I stand under the shower, burdened by the weight of this worlds cares and anxieties, unable to control my mental turbines from churning, shaking from the uncertainties of what the days ahead might bear …..

Sometimes I dream under the shower. All the best ideas have come from the privacy of my bathroom. I have seen clearly into worlds angels and demons fear to trade with my eyes closes and every drop slowly digging into my scalp. The hope , the joy , the bliss of watching water flow over your naked body ……

Sometimes I get punished under the shower . For things I can not dare forgive myself, I lash my skin with hot water until I cringe. No, I am not addicted to pain, I am just grateful for water and her ability to cleanse. I long for the heat on my bare skin as a reminder that I am still human and I deserve a second chance. Weird, I know !

Sometimes I get lost under the shower . Unaware of my surrounding, unbothered by time and its speed, undistracted by the splish splash dripping of the water on the bathroom tiles. I could stay there forever . I get to think all my thoughts , see all of me and love all of me just the way I am

Sometimes it’s calming , and most times calm and hope are all we need to get through the day/night . Most times it’s healing , like that fresh start after an epic fail ……….

Sometimes it’s a good feeling because it revives, heals and restores. But most times it is just water, unable to deal with pains better left to the care of prayer and fasting !

Sometimes I sit under the shower . My legs unable to hold me any longer . Allowing the water to fill up underneath my feet until I regain some sense of balance ………

Sometimes, it is just what it is , standing under the shower .

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  1. Oh Penny this is a lovely peace, sometimes under the shower we experience refreshment, they say water is life indeed under the water the magic of life in all its forms does happen. And all the time one is just under the shower regardless!

  2. Now, all of us are going to fix showers to experience this. 😆.
    I can relate with lots of the stuff and what I like best is that the shower creates release. The water flows and “cleanses” spirit, body and mind.
    This is powerful and great imagery Penelope.

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