It was not love at first sight but I knew that ours would stand the test of time.

I remember the moment when we first met at CCE (Complex Hall, Makerere University),  altogether a group of young ambitious but rowdy law students. You were a law student too except you didn’t seem very interested. Several times, you would look at some of us repulsively as we came between you and your evening nap.

But you were always there when it mattered, always interested to know how everyone was doing, always defending us from anyone who dared to say anything negative about or to us and also the author of our reality check as you asked us life’s tough questions. To date, we still call you our “mother hen” because, like all mothers, it’s hard to forget who you were and are to us.

My mind quickly runs to a time in life when I felt at my weakest. I needed help, I needed understanding, I needed love, I needed care.  I had a baby on the way and a traditional ceremony to arrange. When I looked around, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were my person. I have never been so rested throughout a season that, as most know, can be so hectic and nerve-racking like I was because you had my back.

My selfless person, your cup overflows with love for others. My only regret is not knowing how to love you back enough. You are strong, tough, and always there for everyone. As I grow older and maybe wiser, I commit to learning to show you how much you are loved and appreciated.

As you celebrate your birthday, allow me to remind you that you are my person. I love and appreciate you. Thank you for loving everyone around you, but today, allow us to love you.

Happy Birthday, Sanyu.

B. N. Musumba

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