As we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus , I got the honorable privilege to take part in an Easter production dubbed “The Pursuit” at my local church. Now some of you may not understand the depth of how important this could have been, but to me , it was living life through every character , every line in the script and bringing to life emotion i may not be able to display in these words. we spent weeks preparing, learning the lines , going through stage directions and praying that this would not be merely another production but rather that people’s lives would be transformed.

The pursuit, a play written by our own Roxxana A. Kazibwe and Liz Karungi  was about a man(could have easily been a woman or a child ) who was at the verge of losing everything but help comes from the most unexpected source by someone willing to give up everything for this man who eventually after several pursuit attempts  gives in to this Relentless Pursuer.


Taking on the role of ‘Maama Kintu’: 62 years old , Saul’s mother, my  face showed that i was well advanced in years but my  gait and dress code was not. I dressed well and seemed well off but i was constantly begging Saul for money. I acted materialistic, manipulative and controlling, also afraid of losing control of my son Saul. Sound Familiar?  maybe we can relate ….maybe not . lets put this in perspective: Many a time we come before God playing victim or to the people he has placed under our care and we are controlling, manipulative and extremely materialistic. We use lying, withholding information, denying feelings, playing the victim, blaming the victim, minimizing others’ feelings, pretending to be confused or ignorant, guilt, shame, and pretending that our actions are intended to serve a higher calling such as God. We also frequently use gas-lighting—the process of provoking someone into an extreme or angry reaction, then blaming the other person for his or her reaction. This is exactly what my character was meant to portray. Now maybe you do not fall under the category described in the lines above, fair enough, yet you may be struggling with an issue that Christ seeks to deal with and take away from your life. You may be in debt, contemplating an abortion, a suicide or even a decision you can not come back from, tired of your workplace because you are underpaid , undervalued and over worked , having a wrangle with a family member or friend , disagreeable with the way things are done around you….. this play was carrying a message for you, That God who has relentlessly Pursued, sought us and found us will not let us go, he has paid the price, taken our place, been condemned on our behalf, and borne all our iniquity that we may become the righteousness of God.

Towards the end of the play there was reconciliation: with self, with others and with Christ. A clear representation of what God desires of us all, to be reconciled with Him in Christ. It does not matter how far you think you have fallen or how deep in debt you have sunk or how unworthy you feel or how bad you have been told your situation is , God loved you So much even when he foresaw that you would be in the situation you are in right now and He chose to give up His only Son Jesus to die for you, that Believing in Him, you may not Perish , but have eternal Life !!

Do you click?  Jesus took our place, he became poor, took up all our debt, carried all our burdens, sickness, iniquity, unrighteousness , became a curse for us, that we may take on His nature and become the righteousness of God.  We switched places, Exchanged Lives!!

MALACHI 4:2  says, “But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; And you shall go out  And grow fat like stall-fed calves”.  This Scripture invokes the picture of the wings of a bird stretched across the sky, offering healing to those below. A healing effect that will infuse the earth removing the negative impact of past sins so that people can be set free and can leap like calves released from the stall!!!!!   AS IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ as you bask in the glory of our Savior’s Resurrection power.

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  1. Thank you Latagal. You have brought to light something that we had not directly intended to portray; yes, we wanted a resolution scene but I only realise now in this post the three-way reconciliation was so well brought out.
    Thank you for availing yourself. Had a good time working with you-as always 😊

  2. That girl Roxanna and that girl Latagal.. tihihihi.. mbagala nyo nyo nyo. that was a beautiful piece.. i have ideas for your next project Roxy! Holler me baby!

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