This is a continuation of the birthday messages that came pouring in and we are committed to sharing all of them with you.


She knows who she is, it’s in the way she walks, talks and presents herself anywhere
She walks with a spring in her walk, depicting strength, determination and poise
She smiles with her heart, it shows in her eyes, she knows that she is loved.
She is not afraid to fall or fail because she always gets up, knowing there is a team in her corner.
She loves people and generosity is her second nature
But she is fierce, with an eye for opinion to say it as she sees it
She is a hard worker, who stands out because of her dedication and drive to change the world and to see others succeed
Above all, she loves others with no restriction and likes a good laugh
She is a child of God, she is a woman, she is black, she is Sanyu.

Happy Birthday, Penelope Sanyu.

By Martha Kaylie

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