I am in love with cities i have never been to and people i have never met, Yes that’s me. curious , excited , with a keen eye for detail. It is impossible to know me and not know the love for adrenaline rushes all the time, the need to calm down like its a mantra you have to recite every now and again to remind yourself some people can not take the Adrenalin

I am a solution architect, a fearless influencer, i am a bomb of extreme energy, the life of the party,,,,,,i ran towards fires , i start fires sometimes , i am unstoppable, i am a butterfly!!

Today i celebrate the blood rush in my veins !! ย Laughable i know,,,,you have no idea how alive you feel when your heart skips a few beats ( shucks!!!) its the best drug choice and i will tell you more about it some time on our journey, but today , allow me to celebrate, for i have found out what lights my fire and i am chasing the match (wink wink)

So now i am embarking on this new and beautifully exciting journey where all the adrenaline must count, an intentional journey to love, laugh, make mistakes, pick myself up, hold my head high and shine !

Will you journey with me ? will you stay?

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