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I don’t remember the year or the day we met (I seriously need to hire someone for this because wow!) but I am sure i remember the happenings. We were gathered at Worship Harvest Naalya for a service…no it was not a Sunday service, it must have been the special kind that happens at the end or beginning of the year or in between.

They called for those with testimonies and there she was; tall, strong, beautiful, and very confident as if she had been a part of this Church for the longest time and I was perfectly sure she was pretty new to this congregation. As if that wasn’t enough, she was talking about climbing mountains. ‘I guess she is just as strong and confident as she looks,’ I thought to myself.

The following year, Penelope was everywhere from the music team to organizing Church events; you could think she was one of the founders of the Church. Everywhere you turned she was there, from celebrations to burials – Penelope! Always fixing broken things or building something; anti solution architect!

I have not met anyone who gives like you Penny! You go all out every single time. I remember you at burials working like you were a blood relative, at hospitals to comfort those who had lost a loved one, taking charge of situations, keeping the ship afloat!

I used to ask myself, does she ever break down! She always seems to have it all figured out and then I discovered the vulnerable side of you. That side of you that reminds me that you are human; you hurt just as much as you love. For me, that’s a clear reminder that what you do for others is a sacrifice. You are no superhuman, you simply choose each day to look beyond yourself so you can touch another life; the kind of heart the world needs.

Someone once said that love is something we do and you my dearest Penelope have lived it out so well. You touch lives and they stay touched. Just a simple hug in the hardest times and we stay hugged forever. Thank you for giving of yourself! I love you my dear one!

By A star Katooko

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