When you spend time with beautiful minds;and by beautiful minds i mean futuristic thinkers, people who inspire you, dare you to be different, break norms, challenge you to stand out, speak awesomeness , stir your passions and believe in the impossible,people that scene shift ,nurture possibilities, dream, imagine and create,,,,,, your life can not remain the same . Sometimes because of society and the norms around us, we are quick to ask people how intelligent we are, however, the question should be “How are we intelligent?” This kind of positive thinking turns possible under achievers into happy warriors.This piece is a tribute to all the beautiful minds i spent the weekend with where one of our colleagues Hellena introduced the word “SERENDIPITY” which could mean lots of things to google, the dictionary or you who is reading this. but to us, Serendipity means great things happen when good people come together !!!  I met the amazing Ras Kasozi, the fashion philosopher who says, ” fashion is not about clothes,those are small things….i am above that….its about empowering people to see and create”. I met the creative Sean Seguya who believes ” the true African transformation is visible through the eyes that dare to break the tradition of ways things are done. A dare beyond one’s understanding that results into change of one’s community”, The brilliant Danny T says ” True success is helping other people succeed”,  then there was the talented Kalanzi Andrew who believes,”we all have that potential in us…..the potential that came with the breath of God’s life in us …the potential of God that spoke one word ‘let there be light’, and that word still echoes in the distant horizons of the future ….still giving us light today , still holding the sun, moon and stars in one place ..we are letting our potential out to make that impact that has no limit, whose echoes reach every platform, every youth,every senior and the world and that will stay by us handing down the Barton ”


“My hero’s are the young people in Africa who dare to dream about a better continent and dare to make those dreams come true….in big ways and bigger… as individuals ….in pairs…. in teams…..and as a generation” Hellena Okiring, the change maker.  The room was overflowing with talent and wisdom even if if u were not a dreamer, you would become one just spending time with these beautiful minds.  The beautiful Roxxette said ,”medicine is bitter but it makes you better,” Allen Asiimwe said , ” if you want the rainbow ,you have got to put up with the rain” Then there is Gilbert the film maker ,Tayebwa the hip hop Archivist, and Thomas Twesige the inspirator, and Alex Kiyingi ,and Sam kimera vocal genius and JT the sound engineer,and Earnest SSesanga the orator, and Six the solution Architect and Martin the internet breaker and Rugged the rapper and the entire Dream team, Not forgetting the dream team Mentors, you know yowaseleves……..God!!! one can not even coin the words to describe how awesome these young people are . How does one not get blown away by such phenomenal thinking???? how do we not celebrate such wisdom from the lips of young people ??

Today even as the Uganda National Budget is being read, it may seem gloomy and unclear what the future holds but with young and beautiful minds like these, there is nothing left to chance, change will come and it shall start with minds such as these!!! Understand your identity and your role in God,and know your part in this role then and only then will you transcend the laws of life!!

” We can not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

I believe that Future is now, happy building in your own small or big way!!!


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