Thomas Friedman believed that one of the most significant contributions to flattening of the world is globalization. Flattening of the world has to do with the creation of a global platform for multiple forms of sharing work, knowledge and entertainment. This, readers, is what internet has done for us. The advent of the internet was at first wrongly feared for being the precursor to the end of the world but was later appreciated for what it is – a game changer. It has rendered the world borderless and made it possible for anyone with an active connection to reach the world from their comfort and also be able to summon the world to their habitation of choice in the earth. What a time to be alive. 

In this digital age, creators of content can carry their messages instantaneously across the world because the horizons have been expanded. The question of increasing reach has been answered and loudly because the audience is now global. A story unfolding in one part of South Sudan could get the attention ofthe White House before it is known in South Africa. What is left is for the creators to structure their material in a way that achieves the impact they desire. 

There is an exposure to different culture and perspectives so we can create for different diverse audiences while being honorable to people in communities we have not inhabited. An African filmmaker can create content about the Asian culture and accurately capture its multiple dimensions and complexities. 

Anyone from anywhere can compete favorably on a global platform and challenge even those who are more established in a certain trade. There is provision to produce high quality and unique content that can be showcased world over for the appreciation of all. The population of the world can all be fans and clients to whoever chooses to create.

We do not have to physically move our material to reach our intended market. Technological advancement has made it possible to cast to the global population all at once what the result of our labor is. It takes seconds to share what took ten thousand hours to master.

It is possible to have all the access one needs and still be excluded if care is not taken and if understanding is lacking. The same exposure that can make could be what limits or breaks you. To avoid that, be sensitive to the diverse audiences that your material might reach by being inclusive and accommodating of differences in languages, cultures and sensitivities. Tailor content to address regional interests, trends and issues to maintain relevance and engagement. Do not forget to engage with analytics to understand audience demographics, preferences and behavior to guide strategy.

With all that’s available, refuse to be left behind because innovation come up almost daily. Fight for your space in the league of the extraordinary. Become an irresistible force and strive to be the leader to be revered and followed. They told you the world is your oyster, show us that you believed it. The field is open to anyone, let’s play and play hard!