I haven’t written in a long time. My guess is as good as yours, been swamped but , i have a mountain of stories to share………i have missed you all so much. Where to begin? So in March 2018,  i visited Trump land and met this amazing gentleman named Brian Sooy. He authored the book “raise your voice” and champions the #CauseManifesto campaign. He said so many things but i was super dazzled  at his beautiful brain as he shared about mission driven design and purpose driven communications, that i had to contact him after the meeting to have a one on one.


Please note that i had read “Live your brand” by Ariho Kamara and i thought i had arrived until i was asked, “When people ask you to describe the organization for which you work, what words do you use to describe it? I’m not referring to your position statement or pitch (a brief statement that declares why your organization is the only one that serves people for a specific purpose and outcome)?”  As i carefully thought about my response, he went on ……………..

” When we say, “everybody brands,” — I’m not referring to the frantic activity around logos, color palettes, or the visual expression of an organization – I’m referring to what any individual thinks about your organization when they interact with its people, service, product, or customer experience”  Eh !!!  It was like a blow that sent my mind on a thinking spiral about my dreams and how i wanted them branded and communicated excellently well.

See late last year i birthed a baby in the shape of an organisation. And we have recently concluded our strategic planning process, so we have been battling with how to communicate the brilliant things we are seeking to do and are already doing until it hit me! I had scribbled some notes from that meeting with Brian Sooy that may not just re route the direction of our baby Femme Forte but also add value to your life. It has often been said that ” don’t raise your voice , improve your argument”,  I am here to say, Raise your voice with dope arguments. Imagine what it would be like to strategically raise your voice and design your work with purpose and communicate it with clarity!

Long and short, i bought the man’s book and have thus managed to share a portion of what he says. If you look keenly, you will find wisdom in these summarized lines that will help you communicate better as you embrace your mission, tell your story , spark change and create a movement:

  • BE STRATEGIC: Create and follow a road map that aligns your communication with the goals of your strategic plan.
  • BE FOCUSED : Focus your communication on one cause, one mission, and one purpose and share your purpose with one voice.
  • BE MEANINGFUL: Ensure your values and actions align with the reasons that motivate your followers and stakeholders to believe in your cause.
  • BE INSIGHTFUL: Embrace  data as a means of sharing greater insight into the outcomes of your mission and understanding of your cause.
  • BE INSPIRING: Speak to the mind and appeal to the heart with stories of how your cause inspires you and your advocates to action
  • BE ENGAGING : As in a conversation, listen as often as you speak in order to hear what the community and your stakeholders expect of you.
  • BE SOCIAL : Be an ambassador for your cause, and recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships.
  • BE GRATEFUL: Remember that your supporter’s gifts are meaningful , and their generosity makes a difference.
  • BE TRUSTWORTHY: Seek accountability and transparency, speaking and acting in a manner consistent with your values , character and culture
  • BE POSITIVE : Choose your words well, for they will motivate people to follow, donate , advocate and believe in your cause.
  • BE POWERFUL: Believe your cause is meaningful, and act in the belief that it has the power to change the world.
  • BE COURAGEOUS: Dream big dreams and have the courage to change and adapt in order to make your vision a reality.

I know right, how cool is this?  So tell me, after all that you have read, how would you describe your organisation? I’m referring to the personality of your organization—the human qualities and attributes that embody the purpose, character, and culture of your organization.  I could go on and on but i am still in the kitchen cooking up the best way to communicate what Femme Forte is up to. For now,  Femme Forte is building a movement!! ” We are mobilizing and equipping  women to become better leaders who change the story towards an equitable society!”

Just buy the book . I shall be back!!!!!