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I have often wandered and marveled at the depth, sensitivity, and beauty of spaces. Every time I am ushered into a space and or place, my world literally explodes, or not depending on how the space is structured.  Either way, I am constantly blown away by the possibilities of either witnessing beauty or how much of it I could add to a given space, at an opportune time.

Whether they be physical, mental, virtual, spiritual, or otherwise, spaces have a way they create orgasmic magic that can only be enjoyed by the ones daring enough to indulge. This week on Qweshunga, we introduce a new segment which is about the art of spaces and places.

For those who are just catching up, Qweshunga is a Ugandan “runyankole” word that means playfulness. It is a vlog series highlighting the power of playfulness on this journey called life. It is our space to Inspire, Play and Live. The new segment shall enable us to host a couple of guests who are skilled at creating the magic of transforming various spaces for the benefit of others and this journey will be amazeballs! The best way I can describe such a journey is through this poem that I love dearly.


“There is a poem in every flower,

a sonnet in every tree,

a tale in every lifetime

it is just for you to see…

there is a lyric in every brook

as it rushes over rocks,

there is an ode in every nuance,

as loves wonder unlocks,

there is rhythm in every sound,

every beating of a heart,

there’s poetry in every union

and every couple who are apart

and just as there is wonder

in every new life created

there is sadness and regret,

for the unsaid and unfeted

just listen for the music

that your ears cannot hear,

just strain yourself for the melody

that is so far and yet so near

the wonder of the creator,

the magic of the divine

is there to feel, for all of us,

to soon be yours and mine”

There is so much you can learn about spaces. There is so much you can change about how you have been relating with them. Do not forget to Qweshunga with us every Friday on all our social media platforms especially, YouTube and Anchor. Together, let’s Inspire, Play and Live!

Inspire, play, live

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