“Stop talking the language of normalcy in a situation of abnormality,” he said.

But how are we supposed to quickly adapt to this new normal?

How do we grieve when we are not allowed to touch and yet for most of us touch is the only communication of love?

How do we care beyond saying the words and buying things people don’t need?

How do we show compassion and not look like we despise those for whom we extend it?

How do we live without taking selfies for visibility?

How do we give and not require to be celebrated or given back?

How do we say, “I see you or I care” without really saying the words?

How do we speak a language we have never dared to learn?

How do we communicate when the only language we know has been taken away?

How do we bid farewell to those we can never share a meal with again without requiring permission?

How do our hearts break and also remain intact?

How are you doing it, Mr. President?

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