This is a continuation of the birthday messages that came pouring in and we are committed to sharing all of them with you.

Complex Hall (CCE) 2nd Semester, 2007


Please don’t ask me about the first semester because I was still in my excitement of being at campus. My results of said semester snapped me out of this phase.

In  the second semester, I decided to join a discussion group with my friends in Complex Hall. Unprepared for my first discussion, I just decided to do my best at paying attention and seeing how I can relate academically with my friends. On the upper left side decker, when you got in, lay Sanyu Penelope (Penny for short).

Everyone had a different reaction to her; some afraid of her, some not sure what they felt, some very cautious around her but me, I just saw Sanyu Penny. I introduced myself and we became friends almost immediately.
We discussed in that room several times, Penny in the same chiller mood & relaxed mindset like she didn’t have a worry in the world. By this time I had graduated to nickname basis and she was no longer Sanyu Penny but ‘Shweety’. I was no longer an ordinary friend but a trusted one.

Through Penny I became friends with some awesome people i.e Diana, Kiara, Papa Nogan, Mr Kirunda, Sandra (amazing vocalist in there), and I got to be a part of organising super surprise birthday parties like the one where Micheal proposed and for her friends like Diana’s birthday surprise video in the cinema.
By the way, through you I even met Ruyonga. Hehe.

With all the years between 2007 and 2020, not once has the friendship disappeared despite the distance and lack of get-togethers. If I met her today, it would be like I was with her a few hours before that.

Penny loves the people that love her, she loves what she does and she loves God. She’s very serious when it comes to these three aspects of her life. She will celebrate you with the same energy that she will scold you with when you wrong her.

I can go on and on because I have 13 years of stories 😂😂😂but I will stop here and save some stories for next time.

But on this your birthday, let me take this opportunity to say thank you.

Thank You for your friendship,
Thank you for organising the get-togethers,
Thank you for inspiring some of us to chase our dreams,
Thank you for the parties,
Thank you for everything.

Happy Birthday Shweety 🌹

By Rodney Kangumba

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