Haven’t you been adorable, haven’t you been rewarding, haven’t you made me laugh and cry at the same time , haven’t you made me blush and my heart swell with a mixture of excitement and anticipation? Have you not outdone yourself trying to turn my dimples into deep irredeemable holes from so much laughter?

Have you not melted my heart and span my head to dimensions too complex for me to comprehend? Have you not revealed love, generosity, care , playfulness, selflessness, service , gifts, in full measure ? oh but you have, to say the least, you sooooo have !!!

Penny's BD (82).jpg

You started off with a Gorilla tracking or is it trekking experience, The journey to Kabaale was beautiful, but Uganda is gifted!!!! eeeiiiiiiiii. Our hosts wanted to kill us with food, of course partly because they feel we are starving ourselves in the city in a bid to not add any weight, (whoever gave them this impression) , it was lovely spending time with very kind, and loving people. We walked for about two hours until we saw the gorilla’s , spending time in the wild not only changes your perspective about life, it is soooooo much fun and educative, the things you will learn!  You people, Uganda is beautiful!!!!!!3B6A6669.JPG

We then Visited the Batwa community, sad story theirs, but we became more aware of what life has offered us and never to take anything for granted. It is heart wrenching seeing fellow citizen’s living the way these people live. They danced and sang for us , i joined them in drumming and we made merry inspite of the circumstances. We shared the little we had carried for them, prayed with them and returned to our lodging places to rest in preparation for the climb the next day.  I just couldn’t miss this photo opp with a gorilla …..hahahahhahahahaha……………….

 6:00 am got us up and ready. We started the hike about 7:30am. Muhavura is a very tough yet mindbogglingly beautiful mountain. Summit-ed at about 1:20pm and the Journey down ended at about 6:00pm. Everyone, at least once in life, should climb a mountain. They stretch you , build your faith, character and resilience. They cause you to reflect on life and bless God for the good and  rewarding gifts . Everyone should take time to travel, and discover !!! Explore and appreciate the beauty that is so in our faces daily, be silly, go crazy,, just live!  oh and it is not that expensive especially if you are intentional about saving for travel( wink wink)


Then the birth-date arrived and oh Goshhhhhh, am i  loved !!! ” I am loved is the summation of all that happened and is still happening to celebrate me. Do i have the best friends in the world , yes !!! i mean look at me, they make me me happy, my joy is full! And now i am dealing with a new season in my life, a new open door that i am super excited about. God is doing marvelous things in my youthful days . My colleagues wrote the cutest things for me and though i am not a words of affirmation girl, waterfalls betrayed my eyes as i read  their beautiful farewell messages. There has never been a team as splendid to work with as this and even as i take on the next challenge come June, your footprint will forever be evident on my career path.

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If the English language could afford me a better word than Thank you, i would use it, but for now, Thank you is all i have, each one of you, thank you for time, for love, for wisdom, for rebuke and criticism, for everything you have been to me this May!!!!!