In this day and age, people are constantly competing to care less, prove that they don’t need anyone except themselves, and ultimately show the world that they are the most authentic, independent women/men on the planet. All these things seem fantastic until there is a realization that, because we are trying so d*mn hard to be all of these things, we are actually hindering ourselves from developing other qualities that are incredible.

These days, sitting by the phone takes on a whole new meaning, and no, it isn’t any less common.  At one point those days, poor suffering souls would literally stay in hearing distance of the landline in hopes that (S)he would finally call. This sometimes resulted in other missed activities, which was crazy, but eventually the pull of the real world would drive someone away. Or they’d get hungry for something not in the house. These days, its even crazier. we have our phones glued to us 24/7 ( we sleep with our phones in our beds next to us), which doesn’t mean that we can’t leave the house, but it does mean that we can never escape the waiting.

I want to pick up the phone and call him or maybe just text him.. send him a silly joke or maybe have him say anything to make me laugh.  But i don’t want to seem needy…or stalkerish…vulnerability isn’t my strong suite.  Vulnerability for me is practice and commitment, it is earned not just given away. Wait, how did i get here? How did i become the gal that checks her phone a zillion times hoping there’s  a ” hey baby… just thinking about u ”

images CAL;

See this man is Faaaaayyyyyyyynnnnneeeeee!! He has he has a beautiful mind …he says the most intelligently inappropriate things that get me laughing like there’s no tomorrow. My knees get weak and my temperature goes up . He has dope feet, you know those nicely groomed feet that make you want to declare a “sandal  wearing ” month in the entire country; yes those ones. He cleans up sooooo good and when he smiles ………..hooooooo. I’ll drink to dope men.

The other day i was feeling low and i received a package, guess what? ….it was a “just because ” gift. As in!!!!! He has this evil grin that makes my stomach summer-sault. He is not afraid to look into my eyes …its penetrative ….it makes me blush. Yes me!!! Shy catches me around him.

so explain to me how i am this obsessed over a seven day acquaintance? Isn’t love just full of bad manners?  My head tells me why not? But then again….he is just another figment of my imagination. 😂😂😂😂😂

Its always all in my head!! Lord Help the Child!