We met once before, but this was our first date. It had taken weeks of texting and finally it was happening. He suggested picking me up, even though I drive and work within two minutes of our rendezvous point. What a complete gentleman, right?.😄

Hours of conversation bliss later, lots of oohs, aahs and :):)😄😄😄 from me, everything he says sounds like the most intelligent ish ever. Am seated across, thinking to myself, cheeiii, this man can reason, who grew this man, is this what Jesus meant when He said, wait on him.

Meanwhile he is speaking but I am already building our picket fence and I can see myself at seven months having our pregnancy photo shoot while singing wadawa ex wadawa.:):)😄

It’s time to go home, am not thrilled. He opens the door for me, cheei, the last time a man opened the door for me, he left me a text, door is open.😂😭 As we settle in the car, I finish up my rwenzori water and place the empty bottle in my bag to be disposed off later.

He grabs the empty bottle, lowers his car window and throws the damned thing out bweswiii, with a calm collection of a man who had grown accustomed to this.😭😭 How could he do this to me. 😭 I start to think of the many times he could have thrown namawojolo chicken sticks from his car oblivious to anyone that might get hurt.😭😭

And just like that, one single action, I burn down our picket fence. I start to notice every little fault. The fantasy dies.

People who dump rubbish anyhow. You break hearts, you kill fantasies. It’s not pretty, it says so much about you, the kind of country you want for yourself and how you treat the not so big people. How would you feel if someone deliberately made your work harder because they feel like they can. And the way you do it so casually with a smug face claiming ,”this is Uganda!”  eeeeish…. you deserve a spanking!

And  now in the love month ,that you have managed to break this my heart ……gosh….

See, here’s the deal, do not be one of those guys / gals that kill people’s fantasies , you can actually desist and heal from the bug. The Value you place on yourself…is the same exact proportion you will accord the people who clean after you.

Respect your self enough to not be the guy/ gal that has caught the litter bug!!


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  1. This is kaboozi for real…. reminded me of my ka-highschool girlfriend who lost my love when she declared her love for me being more than the one she had for her mother. Keep them coming.

  2. Hi Penelope….. From a personal experience, it’s so true. Waliwo ex that I left kubanga his version of recycling was emyala! We need to fix this from the bottom up and litter bugs signage is worth it. Blessed month of love naye leave picket fences alone. Someone will steal it in the name of firewood.

  3. Great story Sanyu! I personally hate littering. My husband knows this too well. He learnt it very quickly while we were still dating. Empty bottles, sweet wrappings, AT scratched is kept till the next bin. 🤗 still applies today 👌


  5. This is too real; many Ugandans litter.I hate it when I am in a taxi and some one just throws out rubbish.I feel like stopping the taxi and picking it myself and then walk back in and I say tugende.😂😂

    Article was worth the read Penelope 😚😁

  6. nopeutSrmum: Oh sure, you say that now, but just wait til you meet some charming chap who sweeps you off your feet. Perhaps a nice tree surgeon. ;-)Melanie: Thanks for the tip — I’ll check it out.

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