Growing up where I grew, fashion was not one of those things we dreamed about or maybe we didn’t quite comprehendwhat it was. It was nowhere near our big reality. When we were not in Uniform , we wore our nicely pressed second-hand clothes that were recycled very often since they weren’t that many. we had this cool aunt though, who would travel every so often and she would bring back dope stuff. she wore high heels and cool Jackets and with her beautiful features, wore lipstick. she looked like she was a million dollars ┬áin and out of season, I mean ,we had not seen anyone like her in the whole village. she defined classy and beautiful.


This month I am celebrating the life of my Aunt Jovita (RIP) by introducing her “twin” who owns His & her Closet. She inspired every fashion gene there is in my entire family. Her “twin” sister (Rachael) who was separated only by skin color, often got the privilege to borrow her clothes and show off at school. We were so little yet all we ever wanted was to become like them. This sense of fashion did not die with my beautiful aunt, it was passed on to each and every one of us in small portions manifesting now in big and unexplainable ways. My sister and I attended the same schools, we were growing so fast and suddenly we had to dress ourselves every day, and we took to the challenge like a fish to water. we realized this was another opportunity to express ourselves creatively, to figure out and communicate who we were as a people. We stopped sewing clothes for dolls and our brother started advising us on what was trending and what wasn’t. He accused us of being fat (he still does) and later he and our aunt ventured into the clothes business “Fashionista” and we became regular clients.

Mutesi Rachael Brahma, now runs the “His & Her closet” and this gal is crazy for fashion. Every time I see her and the things she loves to do ( travel, meet new people , shop, ) i see my late aunt Jovita alive in her. We will be showcasing some of her clothes on my blog and i hope that by reading this, you will discover the fashionista in you. That you will be inspired to look good, take care of yourself and give people their worth for staring at you.She always said, ” you do not have to be rich to look stunning” iron your second-hand blouse, wear it with a hot skirt or pants, don’t forget the heels , they give you a sophisticated look and the lipstick is a must have! Now who wouldn’t want an aunt like that ?


Will be sharing some of the pieces from all the famous brands that can be got from her shop at The Kampala Boulevard, F-35. This His & Her closet was named after her adorable son and daughter but that is a story for another day. Today I am giving thanks and celebrating the life of one beautiful soul that was daring enough to be different. That defied the odds and lived her life different from the whole village where we grew and because she sowed these seeds, we are who you see because so many years ago in Katete, Jovita refused to be like everyone else, She defied the odds and set a trend with splendid simplicity. She continues to live in each of us and everyone born into the family automatically adapts her cool style, yes we are cool like that!


So who are you, what is your personality? what are your clothes saying about you? how are you creatively expressing yourself through what you wear and look like? remember people will stare, everyday, make it worth their while (wink)