When someone introduces themselves to you as a lawyer, you picture suits, prim and proper hair, almost like a girl-from-Gayaza-High-School type of human but not my Penny. She will cut her hair, color it, grow it and draw a line in it….whatever! Get a tattoo or a piercing as long as it makes her happy. I totally love her crazy because it is right down my lane.

There are so many ways to describe her but I know her as my sister; that person who knows me in a very real and somewhat creepy way. Growing up, all I knew about butterflies was that they were once caterpillars and that was enough for me not to like them. But she has made me see such a beauty in them that I never initially paid attention too.

The one thing I totally admire about her is her passion for the female gender; yes, she is a feminist and a brilliant one too. Now I know there is a stereotype around the word feminism but once you get a moment with Penny, you will get a whole new appreciation for it. Check out Femme Forte Uganda and thank me later.

Penny comes in only one shade or form – the real one and once you got her in your corner, know that there is nothing to worry about. She is not judgmental but if you’re being an ass she will definitely call you out. She is loyal, blunt, crazy, funny, and a free spirit. I know a secret that makes her confess her love for people hehe, but that’s a story for another day.

Do you know when people say you’re one in a million?  That’s Penny – an irreplaceable gem. I love you babe and here’s to many more years together.


By Olivia Byemera

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