Creating content is, today, like a day through one’s life or going from one day to another. What I mean by that is every second of every moment can potentially be captured and shared. There are no gatekeepers to what you can record from whatever comfort you choose or discomfort you find yourself in – that’s on shooting content. Sharing it is also as free and as possible as the availability of the bandwidth you need to upload to a particular platform. Then there comes consumption. Because it is a lot and anyone who cares to create has created and can create, there are no guarantees for widespread consumption. Or are there? There seems to be those among us who have cracked the code for building numbers with their material. Not so long ago, we racked our brains trying to figure out the holy grail of going viral. Today, it seems a lot easier. Why, then, are many creators not in the know of this? 

Content creation involves generating various kinds of digital material to engage, inform, entertain, teach/educate, or convert an audience. Anyone that is looking to attract followers, drive conversions or build a presence online fundamentally needs the skill and the process that is content creation. 

In this ever-changing world, in which the frequency of content creation is like how a new day follows the stroke of midnight, it behooves us to think loudly about the requirement of continued relevance and all that is tied with it. The speed at which content is churned out and the rate at which platforms avail it before browsing eyes can quickly skip over you if you do not understand how to stay relevant in this game. 

One of the core things to know for oneself, as a creator, is self-awareness. In the eternal words of Socrates, know thyself. And well enough. Know what your strengths are and what challenges you. Know what fuels you and what drains you. Perfect your routines and understand the best timings for the platforms you engage with. Analyze and understand what stream of content you are best at communicating – is it audio, visual or written? If writing is your strong suit, do not succumb to the pressure of short-form videos for TikTok and reels or images because it will make you deviate from your strength. You win at what you’ve developed well enough. 

Desist from trying to engage the world on a topic or subject you do not know. Avoid the pressure to put out material because it will tempt you to create around things you do not understand. Have a clear grasp of what you’re primary format and material is made of. That said, staying on message or on topic does not mean that you cannot dip in other waters a little bit. Once in a while, color outside the lines to taste the waters. If writing is your shtick, you can learn video but not cripple yourself thinking that video is the only way and until you have cracked it, the world will not know about you. Never cease to improve by challenging yourself in private. Come out to speak on a matter after the requisite work and hours which, for each one, are different. One sure way to lose is to come out quickly to speak on something you do not have sufficient knowledge about. Know your pace. Move at it. Get better. 

Avoid platform romance. You are not married to the platform that got you the audience and the numbers or the exposure that you are enjoying. If you were to upload something on Vines today, you will see it alone. Many people reached 1k friends on Facebook and made excuses about Twitter being too fast-paced or crowded. Joining a new platform also means that one has to build numbers from scratch and starting over is crippling to so many people. Always be ready to notice the shifts and follow the attention because that’s the game of content. What worked today might flip on you the next day. 

Release yourself from certain pressures. I know I recommended not putting out material when it is half-baked but on the flip side, do not wait to be perfect before you can do anything. Document your process and allow your audience to grow with you. Criticism improves you. Take all the comment and judgement and turn them into fuel to propel you to greater heights. Perfectionism, they say, is another word for insecurity and I agree. 

Start where you are with what you have. The secret to making progress is to get started. Strive for continuous improvement, not perfection. 

There has never been such a level-playing field like content has created. From the majesty of mansions to the confines of a small cottage, East or West, content is being created, shared and consumed. Find out what the separator is from the crowd and the noise and apply yourself to it – every discipline has it.