A time comes in every human’s life,when they are required to give a speech. For some people,  this is a piece of cake because it is a daily occurrence by the nature of their Personality or  work, for others it only hits like a storm, whichever point you look at speeches, you will be required to write them and even give them. We’ve all been to those Functions / events where someone bungled the speech. You do not want to be that person. I was at one wedding where the maid of honor, drunk off bubbly, ran through a list of the most embarrassing guys the bride had dated. At another event, a main speaker  had nothing planned and rambled on and on for at least 50 minutes. Or at least it seemed that way.      Not okay!

For most people, their event (whatever the occasion ) will be among the most important days of their lives. I will specifically address weddings today,  since it is customary for a close friend or loved one to deliver a speech congratulating the newlyweds on their union. This can be a nerve-wracking prospect if you’re the one called upon to give a speech in front of a big, expectant crowd.Your audience is a bunch of people who don’t all know each other, spanning generations and traditions, some of whom barely know the people involved while others know them all too well. Even if you’re comfortable with public speaking, it’s a tough crowd.

In this era where resources are  at your finger tips , do not give a crappy speech at one’s function because you did not prepare, or you had it all figured out in your head but it just disappeared , or you got anxious and tongue-tied, NO!!  Do not leave people wondering what just happened?  See Here is what you may not get, by the time anyone is asking you to speak at any function, they are trusting you out of the thousands of people in their world to deliver the most amazing play of words the world has known, then you get up and go like ;
“oh my gaaashhh,

am not even sure what to say ………

like there is sooooooooomuch i want to say but i dnt know how to put it, like seriously , us we are over joyed (hihihihihi) anyway i will say this , carol(imaginary name ) is such a…… oba what word can i use ,,, but you all know right, she is sooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my God , i don’t even know what to say ….. like you have found yourself the best person ever , please take care of our ka friend jealously,and you ,,,, bubu don’t throw us out now that you are married ….(hihihihihihi)…………………………………..of everyone envies her,but like in a good way hahaha  like we would have loved to be in her shoes but she was always the luckiest with men when it came to our group……. oh my God when we were in school, she used to take all the cool guys , that girl …hmmmmnnn anyway , i just want to say congratulations, we love you, don’t we guys????”

If you give these kinds of speeches i have fantasized about your death. As in????????????? what in the world of words is that? but seriously ….why?

Look if you are one of the people who give such speeches, never accept the honor to speak at anyone’s function until you have mastered the art of public speaking. And yes , i get the whole be yourself talk……but really, why would you ruin anyone’s day by speaking gibberish at their function?  Am i the only one who is seriously offended by this kind of stuff? By people who type ‘HBD’ and ‘RIP’?? Does anyone else out there feel like pulling out their hair at such  un-seriousness?

Here is what i think, before you embarrass yourself and every other person that chose you to speak on their behalf, consider this (not restricted to wedding speeches only);

You can look right,feel great, even be intelligent, but if your message is wrong, it doesn’t matter what you put around it. At least  have significant knowledge about your topic, sincerely care about it and be eager to talk about it. Focus on a message that is relevant to the target audience, and remember: an audience wants the opinion. If you offer too little substance, your audience will label you a lightweight. If you offer too many ideas, you make it difficult for them to know what’s important to you. Do your research prior,

  • Why has the audience been brought together?
  • What do the members of the audience have in common?
  • How big an audience will it be?
  • What do they know, and what do they need to know?
  • Do they expect discussion about a specific subject and, if so, what?
  • What is the audience’s attitude and knowledge about the subject of your talk?
  • What is their attitude toward you as the speaker?
  • Why are they interested in your topic?

Consider: that may be the only time you ever have to stand before an audience like that, what impression do you want to leave on their hearts ?

Also consider who you are and who sent you, you are a child of the Most High God, that makes you a Prince/ princess, you do not address fellow prince’s and princesses speaking gibberish. Even  When you are caught off guard, never allow to die in the move, kingdom people are ever ready,  so get up with your  head high, and go ace that speech.

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  1. Haaaa. First of may no one u know be the one whose death has been fantasized about 😛
    Very true what u’ve written. Its like if u had a one chance in life to impress, why not do it right that one time?
    Great lesson for me who never used to write….!

  2. If you give these kinds of speeches i have fantasized about your death. As in????????????? what in the world of words is that? but seriously ….why?…..ha ha ha ha. Lovely writing, great message…hillarious.

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