imagesYou could tell by the way i looked at him that i was soooo into him , of- we laughed about stuff other people did not find funny, we challenged each other intellectually and he had nice feet. ( i see your judgmental eye ) Yes i love feet, nicely groomed , dope toe  nails and all the things there are to love about feet.  But you wouldn’t understand this love unless you feel it too……..where was i before i got distracted by feet,….yes, this man was IT!! you know those guys you are not shy to take home … yes that one.  We were doing so well ( considering we had only been seeing each other for a few months ) , Then one day he told me he loved me more than his mother . Otyo!!!  but seriously like how ? of the person that bore you and this adult you have just met….. anyway lets not be judgy!  I froze , went back home and evaluated and then i made  a decision that anyone that claimed to love me more than their mother ought to be told they needed to rethink their stand. After a few hours of no routine communication, i received a call;

HIM: Hey babe , you okay?

ME:  Hey you, yes am okay now that you have called , i wanted to discuss a matter with you, been quite busy, kinda stressed , how are you?

HIM:  Are we okay? You have been icing me !

ME: Oh ! but,,,,,,, we only haven’t talked in the last two hours, of course we are good , just been busy concluding some report.

HIM:  hmmmmnnnnnn ! why do i have this feeling you love your job more than you love me? i even told you i love you and you haven’t said a word, but that is cool, will i see you today?

Me: ummmmmnnnn( calculating my response because at this rate this conversation is going in all the wrong directions , but oh well……)  No Hun, i was hoping we could talk on the phone coz’ i have a late meeting with my boss and am going to the field tomorrow , am sorry i hadn’t got a chance to let you know

Him:  Okay!!!!    (hangs up)

ME: What just happened ???

And that my friend was the last conversation i had with him, i tried to call back, text, nara!!! that is how i was ghosted. It was good while it lasted , and i loved every bit of it and of him. But  but but ……….those things of loving me more than yowa mother …………………………… i shall be back!!images (1)

Loving me more than his mother meant that he would go to every extreme for me and not his family…..that is freaky!!  I have learnt that any one willing to dishonor their parents and guardians for you will never honor you. aaaahhhhh but this cowardly ghosting business !!……Bwahahahahaha!!


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  1. Wabula Penny! there can only be one you for real. I see a job plot for me and many others in these movies. Truthfully love you more than the mother, ……. that one is not realistic, its even not a vibe line… like seriously?

  2. Holding my seat lest I fall off due to this laughter.
    I hear he loves you more than his mother…….well unless he and his mother don’t have a relationship at all. But is that even possible?

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