This is a continuation of the birthday messages that came pouring in and we are committed to sharing all of them with you.


Once in a while, in the middle of an otherwise ordinary life, God bestows on us a gem. Penny, you are that gem and I am so honored to know and love you.

When I first met you in our first year of law school, we were both just young girls. Even then, I knew that you were someone special. We were drawn to each other as friends and both our lives are the better for it. You are one of the kindest, most generous people that I know. Over the years, we have shared some really difficult moments but our love for each other comforted us and when we were celebrating, our love helped us to share that happiness with one another. In that way, love has been food for our souls.

As we have grown older, we grew apart at times as we began to forge our own paths. But we always found our way back to each other. Not only do I feel privileged to know you, but I also feel lucky enough to have witnessed you grow and blossom into the Penny the world has known and fallen in love with. It is amazing to see all the people who love you and it is a testament to how big your heart is. The world is yet to see all the greatness encapsulated within your frame.

Thank you for following your dream and daring with Femme Forte. There can be so much sadness and loss in the world, but because of you, the women you serve at Femme Forte know that there is good in this world as well. They know what we, your friends, have always known – that when they are caught up in a storm, they are lucky enough to have something or someone to hold on to.

Keep soaring. We, your friend-sisterhood, be cheering you on.

By Priscilla Tamale 

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