Whether you prefer your reading sexy and satirical , political and polarizing, intelligent and inspirational or simply amusing, this year’s Ugandan releases are guaranteed to hit the spot by providing some much needed escapism, while challenging the status quo and sparking timely conversation. The best books of 2017, (hitting your shelves soon) will guide us through 2018 with the opportunity to see the world beyond  our close confines, allow us to learn more deeply about different human and spiritual experiences , or simply offer valuable entertainment.  We live in exciting and exhausting times – why not escape for a bit with great books?



“Chris Refl ections” is a wonderful picture of how Chris goes about his
life, what he has learned along the way and how he believes men should
handle the journey of life. His refl ections delve into various spheres of
life and encourage the reader to reach higher and go further.




“Stranger in my bed will invoke fear, anger,anxiety,laughter,memories and at the same time build anticipation,excitement and Inspiration.”




“I look at life as an untitled book with many blank pages. These pages represent the different days of our lives. Breathtaking colors of memories to be cherished forever, or dark colors of memories you will regret forever. UNTITLED is a sneak peek into the story of my life: My Choices, My Mistakes and My Lessons. I hope that as you read this book; you will be inspired to grab the pen, fill your pages with breathtaking memories, and draw lessons from the dreary pages. Whether we know it or not, the story of our lives is being written every day. Let’s choose to write a story of significance because we are Untitled!!”



“We all need encouragement to live life as powerfully as God intended for us. In this book, encouragement Maestro, Bee3 shares her experience and draws us to seeing  ourselves through God’s eyes. You’ll love it. ” – Julius Lukwago


mosze .jpg


” I must warn you! This book will change you. First, you will find yourself reading more of the bible just to prove whether Moses is concocting stories or using the real bible verses. Then before you know it, you are concerned about your community and want to seriously do something about it. If you don’t want to change, don’t read this book because you will surely find yourself putting a dent in the universe, being part of transformation in the world, or being the change you want to see in the world. ” – Dr. Steven Mugabe



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” Jeremy’s “Man on Top” can be read from two perspectives: one as a sermon, with his life’s journey used as an illustration; and the other as his life’s journey, with lessons from that used as a fusion of practical sharing of experience for others to learn from. In both cases, he draws heavily on Christian scriptures and his personal spirituality either to illustrate, or to explain his messages.

However, that is not all. The book also provides some down-to-earth advice to young men in a way that, for someone my age, lights up a reminiscent smile; and for those men much younger, will send them running to review their wardrobes and re-evaluate their daily habits, life styles, and
relationships. This is not to say the book is written for only young men: what better way for a young woman to get some insights into the how and why of young men than to hear it directly from one of them sharing his life’s experiences, the
evolution of his thought processes, and his path to maturity? Or for parents to get some insight into what children have to go through, and how everything we say and do can shape their lives and destiny for better or for worse?
All this should however not hide the main
message he is really sharing: that in the end, it is his personal relationship with God that has really made him what he is now, a relationship that has to be nurtured and cultivated and watered so that it flourishes; lighting the way to relationships with our spouses, our children, our friends, and
all those we meet in our lives. His message is that our lives then, regardless of what it is we do, are a constant ministry. I am sure this book will speak to you, at one level or another. ” – Dr. F. F. “Tusu” Tusubira
These and 53 other titles ….yes FIFTY THREE  are hitting the scene this December. Be on the look out !!!