Our “Inspector Derrick”, here are the things I love about you;

  1. You are curious.
  2. A good listener.
  3. Generous.
  4. Compassionate.
  5. Alive / woke / full of fire.
  6. A learner.
  7. Present: body,mind and soul.
  8. Playful: humorous, energetic.
  9. Your laughter is deep.
  10. Your wisdom is ageless.
  11. You love deeply and are kind – empathetic.
  12. You have a good eye – your attention to detail is fascinating.
  13. You are a excellent orator.
  14. You have mad writing skills.
  15. Your fashion sense is out of this world, literally!
  16. You are well traveled and exposed.
  17. You carry healing energy, whether it be through comfort, presence or affirmation.
  18. You love yourself and it’s evident – those stretches you do are intense. Your vehicle has been serviced well.
  19. You teach so effortlessly well.
  20. You are beautiful.

I stan!!

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