It had been a very hot day preceeded by a couple of hard days and months.She had walked for about four to five miles crossing river rwizi in between to get to mbarara Hopspital. My mother, strong , beautiful ,young lady was panting for breath and in the midst of all her many fears i was born.


She took one look at me and said, “her name shall be Sanyu ” Joy “. I have never asked why but from what i gather, i have brought so much Joy into her life.

Today morning , i woke up to loads and loads of love. My pastor sang for me…my friends…my church …my family….my colleagues  …everybody ,celebrating this Joy i am. My heart melted not because of the nice things i woke up to but because i realised how much i am lucky to have all of you. I would not be here if my mother had not waited, held on and trusted God. She had been advised to abort you know, but she stood her ground and because she waited , she named me Penelope after reading the story behind the name.

Today i am very grateful for so many things , big and small. I am overwhelmed by Gods goodness and love towards me. The people in my life, those yet to come, those that have been lost, i am greatful.


Thank you for investing your lives in me…no lesson is taken for granted. Thank you for believing in me…for trusting me….for loving me and accepting me into your different spaces. Here’s to many more years with you.
Thank you …thank you…..Thank you!!
Happy birthday to me !!!

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