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I once dated a great girl. She was perfect.

See, we danced to the music in our heads, she held me and span me around every day as a ritual to nonexistent music and she often whispered, “listen closely, you will hear the music.” And as she held me and rhythmically moved me around, we lost track of time and transposed to a whole new world where only the two of us existed. We created magic and spread that magic in all we did and said.

She spoiled me stupid with gifts. Please it’s no secret that gifts are my love language and boy, did she communicate. I loved and cherished every gift and the anticipation of one made my members sing.

She left me handwritten notes all over the house in hidden spots and loved me tenderly with her mind. She had a way with words, that one, and made sure I indulged my mind with her beautifully crafted notes.

She loved my people. Y’all know I am deeply relational and she deeply cared for my loves. Checked on them, remembered their important days, and showed up when she needed to.

I once dated a great girl! She was phenomenal. At least according to the testimony of her life,

She loved deeply, trusted wholeheartedly, and gave every bit of herself to make me happy. See, she gave me all of her and I loved the responsibility of stewarding that.

She wanted to more than know my body, she wanted to connect. She sought a lot more than the simple release of sexual pleasure, she gave more than that.

She invited me to her world and gave me the most important seat to watch life with her unfold. It was fancy and sneaky, fun and explosive, daring, and adventurous. It was everything I needed to get out of my shell.

She introduced me to her God. The one who is all-knowing and merciful. His grace carried us to places I can never take you with words. Her God loved and blessed me, and we, together, thrived and flourished in the land that was provided for us.

I once dated a great girl! She was beautiful. At least according to the state of her heart.

She created magic for every space and everyone she met. There were no bad days with her because she carried sunshine itself. She smiled and time stopped. Her eyes were the true definition of glorious. Her smile stopped the traffic every time.

She walked with such grace you had to rhythmically put her in slow motion every time to understand her aura. The energy she left with the people and spaces she encountered was indescribable.

I once dated a great girl. Her name was beautiful vine.

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