As we start this Winter ABC challege, I am here to express my village excitment for the privallage to be a part of this. For all our sponsored topics, I will always share the topic on here.

Bhala writers; Short story in an African city of your choice, in which particular landmark plays a crucial role.

“ Amahembe gente “ the welcome symbol to mbarara city! For those of us that are not familiar with the uganda landscape – Mbarara is the second largest city in Uganda , after kampala. It is located in western Uganda. The horns of the cattle monument(Amahembe g’ente) depicts the commonly attributed narrative that Mbarara is the land of milk and honey.

Mbarara is believed to have assumed its name from the local tall green grass locally known as emburara(hyperenia ruffa) that then covered the entire surface area. Right at the heart of this beautiful city is pedestalled long horned cow that is the pride and symbol of the mighty city’s heritage . And the symbol of a beautiful long horned cow is the pride the mbarara city dwellers carry from cattle keeping and maintaining generational wealth.

I was born in this amazing city, along what is known as the “high street “ to be precise. If you must know, this street just like its name was always high with activity, drama, traffic, people, among other things. Everyone knew everyone and every adult along that entire street had the right to discipline any child , afterall we belonged to the community and not our parents. One of the beautiful memories i carry with me, is how we would run to the famous monument and play “ringa ringa roses “ , laughing and telling fake stories about things we had heard over the grandparents little radio, or evesdropped from adult conversations . Those were good times.

Truth be told, You have not arrived in the city if you have not beheld the “horns of the cattle” monument .

Todate- nothing after a long four hour drive rings like home until you have seen the “amahembe g’ente” or driven past the “high street” .