Inspired by Molly Sims and the fact that many of my friends are getting married , i feel this will be helpful to us all. Whether you have a few months or years until your wedding date, you will become completely overwhelmed if you look at the big picture and are not prepared. Remember, this is a marathon , not a sprint . there are way too many moving parts to consider. break planning down into small, digestable pieces . Organisation is key to getting things done and your sanity. Do not worry if being hyper organised is not your thing…….. there are many wedding websites with free templates of checklists that you can use to help keep you organised. You may also choose to charter the services of a wedding planner who will help keep you off the ledge and flawlessly execute the wedding of your dreams. wedding planning is no joke, it is truely a deadline oriented ,pressure filled excercise that will take you on a journey of sweat, blood ,and tears before you get the happy ending!!!! Be sure to celebrate the milestones but also consider taking note of the following;

  1. Everyone has an opinion – but you do not have to listen to any of them : Everyone and anyone who has ever been married or has ever been to a wedding will have an opinion of when and  where you should get married. Even complete strangers will feel entitled to weigh in , however do not take it personally. Learn to nod and smile – in one ear and out the other. you have absolutely no reason to fall in the bridezilla rabbit hall  when you can pick your battles by not engaging in arguments with opinionated people. It is probably not the hill to die on,,, choose a better hill !!!!
  2. Guest list mayhem will test your resolve : Putting together your guest list will be a serious test of your boundaries. i warn you to be prepared for the sales pitches coming from all angles ( even your future spouse) of why you should or should not invite particular people. Write an initial massive list and then chop the numbers down like trees until you get the number you and your spouse are comfortable with, otherwise you will be absolutely scared , shocked and surprised that your  guest numbers are multiplying like rabbits .
  3. Spending more than you planned is a given : It is innevitable. You can try telling service providers that you are having a small party but that wont really work , and before you know it you will be looking at a 20% mark up – just because your party starts with a “W”. Regardless of the stress ypu may feel as the deposits mount, the guest list grows and you discover your dream dress costs twice the amount you intended spending on it, try your damnedest not to let the glow of the engagement fade into angst and anxiety.
  4. It is okay if things hit the fan once or twice : At some point during the planning process, you will inevitably encounter frustrating hiccups. Whether it is members of your bridal party feuding, family not being supportive,or the center pieces you envisioned showing up on your cousin’s wedding table several months before your big day, stuff happens!! It is life and it is absolutely not to be taken as a sign that you shouldn’t get married.The bumps in the road are all part of your wedding story.
  5. You can not escape your own inner Bridezilla : Bridezilla happens, it can take down the best of us. Hopefully, not to the extreme but the extra stress and pressure may make you do crazy things . It is kind of like intense PMS. Things  you normally could care less about suddenly become the most important things in life . When you find yourself on the brink of insanity over how glasses are placed on your Hi- table, take a step back and breathe. And if you and your future spouse decide to have a mutual bride/groomzilla melt down over anything, just remember, this is a fleeting feeling… not let the wedding stress take you down
  6. Pray and Trust God:  Even when you feel you have nothing to say to God,,,,,,Pray!!!!!!

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