I am in love with cities i have never been to and people i have never met, Yes that’s me. curious , excited , with a keen eye for detail. It is impossible to know me and not know the love for adrenaline rushes all the time, the need to calm down like its a mantra you have to recite every now and again to remind yourself some people can not take the Adrenalin

I am a solution architect, a fearless influencer, i am a bomb of extreme energy, the life of the party,,,,,,i ran towards fires , i start fires sometimes , i am unstoppable, i am a butterfly!!

Today i celebrate that i have learnt to say NO!! and mean it. Laughable i know,,,,you have no idea what it means to be a yes person ( shucks!!!) its exhausting and i will tell you more about it some time on our journey, but today i stood up for myself, i said no to emotional blackmail, i looked it straight in the eye  and said enough!! never again.

And now i am embarking on this new and beautifully exciting journey where all the adrenaline must count, an intentional journey to love, laugh, make mistakes , pick myself up, hold my head high and shine !

will you journey with me ? will you stay?

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