This is a continuation of the birthday messages that came pouring in and we are committed to sharing all of them with you.


It is rare to find a selfless, open-hearted, genuine, outgoing, and intense friend like Penelope Sanyu.

I have had the privilege of knowing her for about 5 years and time would fail me to tell of all the selfless loving and generous acts she has done for me and my family. I will share one though.

We made the decision to get married in 2016. My wife and I were quite naïve about what it exactly took to pull off a wedding. When we reached out to her to organize our wedding, she willingly and graciously agreed. She ran the meetings, fundraised for the wedding, topped up millions of shillings wherever there was anything lacking, and made sure we had the best day and most stress-free wedding of our lives.

I know that your impact will live on for many generations to come. Your generous heart is helping millions find hope, love, and achieve their God-given dreams. You will live to see the multiplicity of God’s immense blessings and will testify to His goodness over you forever. We love you. Happy Birthday!

By Blessed Ivan Muhumuza, Pastor Worship Harvest, Makerere.

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